Things I Learned While Editing: Ways To Use A Private Podcast

When I got started editing podcasts 3 years ago, I didn’t even really know what podcasting was about. I didn’t know how popular it was and I didn’t understand a thing about how to use them in business. For that matter, being an online businessowner was kind of a foreign concept, too – people couldn’t *really* make a living just doing the work they want online, right? (enter scarcity mindset garbage here) Well, they can, and so can I. On a related note, I resigned from teaching a couple of weeks ago to give it a fair shot!

One of the coolest applications I’ve learned about since I started editing was private podcasts. Private in this case just means that the podcast is published, but it isn’t automatically sent out to the directories (player apps like Apple, Spotify, etc.) so listeners need a direct link to access it.

Listeners can get this link a few different ways:

  • Ad or website opt-in
  • Email list
  • Paid subscription, like through Patreon or HelloAudio
  • As part of a coaching package or workshop
  • Any other way you can think of!

But what’s the point?

Honestly, you can use it however you would use any other exclusive mode of content delivery. I’ve seen one that’s a huge part of a paid mastermind as a way to house the audio lessons and interviews on-demand. Several others work like a webinar or challenge would. The audience opts in (with or without paying), subscribes with the private link, and the episodes are scheduled to release over a few days to walk them through the process, like planning your first course in 3 days or a 5-part series to reignite your relationship. Still others are an “inner circle” daily delivery of affirmations or themed monthly intensive trainings for coaching containers. They can even work like a sales funnel!

Not everything needs to be publicly broadcast to be effective in your business. The draw of getting exclusive access to bonus content from your favorite business coach or marketing maven can be a really powerful tool.

The really cool thing is that you have complete control over who gets access to this content!

You can set episodes to expire after a certain number of days, leave them up as part of an evergreen sales funnel, use them for your next big launch, and more – while keeping the conversation intimate and personal.

Private pods are really fun for me to produce. Do you have some ideas about how you can use one in your marketing?

I’d love to help you use a private podcast in your marketing strategy!

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