Things I Learned While Editing: The 30-minute Hour

Who doesn’t love a good productivity hack?

We have a new episode of A Magical Life: health, wealth and weightloss with guest Blaine Oelkers. Blaine is a Chief Results Officer – TEDx speaker and leading authority on personal implementation and consistency. This tidbit is from the second part of his interview with Magic and I thought it was brilliant.

There are a couple of particular days of the year when people are most productive: the day before leaving on a trip. On that day, we’re masters of planning, delegating, and focusing because there are certain things that have to happen before we can leave. That energy is what Blaine teaches about in this episode.

By hacking your day, you can get an hour’s worth of work done in just 30 minutes. If you do that a few times in a day, you then end up with a couple of guilt free hours to spend however you want!

There are lots of ways you can add more time to your day:

  • Get up a little earlier
  • Plan your day the night before
  • Delegate tasks that others can do
  • Focus on the 20% of things that produce 80% of your results
  • Say no!
  • Use timers

…And lots more! Listen in for the rest of Blaine’s tips! It’s really helpful.

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