Things I Learned While Editing: Magnesium is Cool!

One of my longest standing clients is Magic Barclay of Wholistic Natural Health Australia and her podcast, A Magical Life: health, wealth and weightloss. We release 2 episodes a week, usually 2 parts of the same interview.

In the first part of each interview, Magic asks the same 3 questions of all her guests:

  1. What can your expertise do to accelerate health, not just physical but also emotional and spiritual?
  2. What are your top 3 tips for creating financial, personal, and emotional wealth?
  3. If you have battled your weight, was was your trigger to lose it? What tips do you have to relieve stress?

The answers vary quite a lot from guest to guest, and each has their own area of expertise. It’s quite fascinating to hear all the different answers. What’s even better is when they get excited about their favorite topic and go off on a rant. Those are so fun to listen to!

This week’s guest is Natalie Jurado, founder of Rooted In Wellness Company and she explains what magnesium does in the body and how supplementing your magnesium intake can really change your life.

When you feel stressed, your nervous system releases hormones that cause your muscles to become tense, your heart to pound faster, and your breath to quicken.

Magnesium relieves muscle tension, which has a dramatic impact on the level of stress you feel. Magnesium also promotes digestive regularity, helps relieve restlessness, improves sleep, and even minimizes cramping after exertion.

Natalie offers various magnesium-enriched creams specifically for Rest, Relief, and Tranquility on her website https://berootedin.com/ as well as a free Ebook on the benefits of using a magnesium supplement at https://berootedin.com/magnesium/.

Personally, I haven’t tried the creams but I have tried the Mela-Out magnesium supplement by Melaleuca. (If you’re interested in trying that one, you’ll have to be a Melaleuca member. Send me a message with your name and email address and I can send you an invitation to that – there isn’t a link I can share that will give me credit for the signup.) I haven’t used it very regularly, but after learning more about what magnesium does and how it can help with literally every annoying symptom I have like fatigue, brain fog, belly fat, and trouble sleeping, I might need to get back on that.

Listen to Part 1 of the interview here

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And then, Part 2

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