Things I Learned While Editing: Building a Successful Business in the Care Industry

This is something I had never really thought about. It makes sense though – there are always people who need assisted living of some sort or another, either a foster or group home situation, care for those with disabilities, or care for the aged. In order for these places to serve their communities and make maximum impact, they need to run as a profitable business.

There are state agencies that dictate the licensing and certification for these types of businesses, big and small. However, it seems kinda secretive when you look into how to get it all done correctly to stay in compliance. Luckily, Ariana Jay of the 7 Figure ImpactTM podcast coaches and mentors care providers to do exactly that.

We’re into Season 2 of her podcast now and it’s been really informative. Even though I’m not in the care industry, I had my own money mindset issues to deal with while editing. There seems to be some programming in me that says that if your business is providing a public service, then you should not get wealthy from it. I don’t know where that came from, but it keeps yammering away in the back of my mind. It goes along the lines of money being evil, wealthy people being immoral, that kind of garbage. I’ve had to do a lot of unpacking there, and I know I’m not alone.

Ariana’s work with her podcast has done a lot to reframe that hurdle for me. If someone is providing a service for others, in order for the business to have everything it needs and hire the appropriate employees, the business needs to be profitable. Also, in order for the CEO to be fully present and able to provide the best care and create the biggest impact, they also need to be paid appropriately. Few things are more distracting than having to live on a tight budget.

Forcing poverty upon yourself because of some made-up morality rule basically guarantees that you will burn out and not be able to continue serving the community the way you dream of.

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