The Mom First Entrepreneur Podcast is primed for launch!

My first podcast client, Kat McLead of SAHM Entrepreneur, is ready to launch her brand new podcast!

The "Mom First" Entrepreneur with Kat McLead

Presenting The “Mom First” Entrepreneur Podcast!

Kat will share her best wisdom from her 20 years of business experience to help you start or fine-tune your own high-purpose, high-profit business while staying mom first.

Episode 1: The Riches Are In The Niches will post at 5 AM EST on Friday, February 21. After that, tune in on Tuesdays and Thursdays for new episodes.

When composing the music for the introduction, I took some time to absorb Kat’s brand and her personality. I just finished a workshop with her in January where we dug deep to find my perfect niche and now we’re working together to launch her new podcast. She spends a lot of time at the beach, and I just couldn’t get the sound of steel drums out of my head! I even tried to experiment with other styles, but a fun, mellow beachy feel was the only thing that worked. I looped the drums and bass long enough for her intro and outro audio, then tied it up with a cute coda. I bounced the intro and outro as separate audio files, then built a new template with those 2 files in one audio track and the episode recording in another. I don’t need to put the same EQ settings on the intro and outro as I do for the episode recordings so they needed their own track.

Editing the audio was simple once I figured out the shortcuts. I had to do some experimenting with equalizer settings to offset the bright reverb of her recording room, but I found a few that do what I like. Automation and crossfades are my friends!

I hope you enjoy it! Listen to the end… there’s a surprise if you leave a review!

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