Launch in the New Year!

We’re coming up on 2024 and it’s time to be looking at goals for the new year! Often I see “finally launch my podcast” on the list of New Year goals – and not for the first time. Don’t let this happen to you – let’s get you launched so you can cross that off your list!

I hang out in a lot of podcasting groups, and there are some questions that keep coming up. Sometimes daily. Questions like how to get listed on Apple Podcasts, how to get more listeners, and what microphone to get – I feel like I weigh in on these conversations every day. So, I decided to put together a workshop to walk everyone through all those steps with me! There was a bit of technology trouble getting the replay posted, but it’s available and I’m sharing it with you here!

Step 1: Get the workbook!

I made a workbook to go along with my workshop! It’s a Google doc, so follow this link and make a copy for yourself (don’t request permission to edit!) so that you can type into it and/or print it off, as you prefer.

Step 2: Follow along with the first video!

Part 1 of the workshop will go through the strategy and planning that needs to happen before you even start recording. The most important part here is to be VERY clear on what your show will be about, who it’s for, and what they can expect to get from listening. This comes through in all parts of planning – the title, description, cover art, the episode planning, all of it needs to keep those 3 things in mind.

Step 3: Move on to Part 2

In part 2 of the workshop, I’ll move into the technical parts of actually getting a podcast set up, distributed, and launched. I’ll cover hosting, equipment, room treatment, how to use seasons, and more!

Let me know how it goes or if you still have questions!

Of course, if you would rather have one-on-one support with me, there are 2 ways to do that. We can work together in a one-day intensive to work through everything and get launched, or we can go all in on a full service launch package.

How much support do you need?

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