I’m pivoting – and that’s okay!

As part of my goal-setting at the start of this new decade, I’m pivoting to offer services that better align with my skills, talents, and passions.

I do like web design, I really do. It’s a fun logic puzzle combined with creativity and heart. I don’t plan to abandon it entirely, just use it as a side project.

My main skill set and my passions lie in music and sound.

If you know me personally, I bet you’d like to reach through the screen and slap me for taking so long to admit that. Well, not so much admit it, as commit to finding a way to build a profitable business around it.

After I decided I didn’t want to be a public school music teacher (and yeah, that one bit me in the butt later on), I switched to a F Horn Performance and Composition/Theory double major. The composition led me to my MFA in Music Composition for the Screen. Circumstances got in the way of me “making it” in Los Angeles, for good or ill.

That was 12 years ago and I’ve been switching careers like socks since then, with a pile of new credentials to prove it.

What has all that struggle gotten me? Not much. I’m forever thankful for my family, but I have got to take control of my career and my life.

It’s time to start living proactively instead of reactively!

My publicly available music portfolio is embarrassingly old. The writing I’ve done more recently was for educational settings, which will soon be available in my shop! I have a long list of educational resources I need to get out of my head and into the world. Stay tuned for that!

My new career path… drumroll please…

Podcast editing, with original music!

I’m excited to see how this plays out!

What are some of your favorite podcasts?