Featured Website Designs

Bethesda Lutheran Church

Bethesda’s old website was out of date and no one on staff knew how to fix it. In 2019, we designed a whole new large website. In 2022 I refreshed the website to be more user-friendly and built a separate website for the school.

  • A calendar page
  • A documents library for frequently used forms and other documents available for download
  • Opportunities for volunteering
  • Easy to use contact forms
  • Fonts, colors, and branding designs obtained directly through the church’s governing body
  • Links to social media accounts 
  • YouTube playlist embedded in the home page with the most recent recorded worship service
“Sarah gives excellent, professional help dealing with websites. She is thorough and creative plus patient and funny. What more could you want? Thanks Sarah!”
Lynn Michelle Mason
Administrative Assistant

Bethesda Lutheran School

It became apparent that Bethesda Lutheran School needed a separate website from the church so that it was easier for families to find the information they needed and register their children for enrollment in the school and enrichment activities. The new school website includes:

  • A “Parents” page with all of the links they could need for enrollment, scholarships, calendars, and more
  •  Separate pages for the Early Learning Center, Primary School, and Summer Care and Enrichment
  • An embedded fillable PDF enrollment form
  • Information on curriculum, activities, chapel, and more

Center for American Paleolithic Research

The directors of CAPR were unable to do much with their old website. They have a significant body of research writings that need to be seen and have just launched a newsletter. I built a simple website for them which includes:

  • A donation button
  • A blog for distribution of publications
  • Easy to use contact forms
  • Downloadable PDFs of older publications
  • Links to social media
  • Videos of fieldwork

Mind Over Bulimia

Lucia Gaviria is a wellness coach specializing in recovering from bulimia.  She had very specific ideas for what her website needed to look like and I was able to accomplish that to the letter.  She wanted a simple site fashioned around a blooming flower and a pensive sunset scene.

  •  Embedded Acuity scheduler
  • Social media links
  • Focus on her story and experience with recovery