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I help Black Hills businesses and nonprofits get on the map by providing personalized website design that reflects their style, values, and spark.


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The Black Hills is a unique corner of the world.

It may be my personal opinion, but I feel like there are more creatives here per capita than anywhere else.

Am I wrong? Maybe. I’ve looked at exactly zero statistics on this. But, my point is almost everybody I know creates something or works with someone who does, and that adds up to A LOT of artistic output that needs to be seen and important work that needs support.

So many small business-owners and nonprofits are doing amazing work, but the tech piece gets left behind.

With social distancing in place and so many shops closed for the foreseeable future, how can they sell their goods?

Through a website!

When tourist season comes around, families and bikers and travelers need to plan their trip. How do they do that?

Search online, of course!

You may have a couple of reviews on Facebook or Google from 3 years ago, but people look for quantity and relevance.

Businesses and organizations with a small online footprint often get overlooked in favor of recent reviews and an updated website.

Don’t worry – I can help!

That’s where I come in. I can handle the technical side of things while you do the work you REALLY want to do!

We can’t always depend on word-of-mouth to get tourists to our door. We live in a digital age when families extensively research and plan their vacations long before they pack their bags.

How are they going to find you? Is your website current, functional, beautiful, and inviting? How about your Facebook and Google reviews? Have you even looked?

I can help with all of that so you can spend your time on your passions instead of wrestling with do-it-yourself website builders!

Some of my


“I love working with Sarah! I gave her some basic info about what I was looking for, and she was able to transform my thoughts into an awesome website. Even when I would come back with different ideas in the middle of designing, she was able to make the changes quickly, and with ease! And she’s available for questions and updates on your site when you need her!”
April Williams
Gracemont Virtual Solutions
“Sarah gives excellent, professional help dealing with websites. She is thorough and creative plus patient and funny. What more could you want? Thanks Sarah!”
Lynn Michelle Mason
Bethesda Lutheran Church and School

I'd love to do the same for you. Let's make 2024 your best year yet!