Hi, I'm Sarah!

I'm a Black Hills native, mom and wife with 6 years of teaching experience and a dream of living a life of freedom for myself and my family!

I hold a Double Bachelors of Music in Music Composition & Theory/F Horn Performance, a K-12 Music Teaching Certificate, a Child Development Associate’s Degree, and a MFA in Music Composition for the Screen. I've played with the Black Hills Symphony on and off since 1997.

Music is my life and any sort of organized sound is its own kind of music. Speaking is no different. The lilt, accent, cadence, and tone of a voice can tell the listener a million things about the speaker. Music can do the same thing! The right combination of sounds can set your listener at ease with your message and your brand.

That's why I'm using my music and audio technology skills as a Podcast Manager.

Subito is an Italian musical term which means “Suddenly.” I also like to say that it means “Unexpectedly.”

That's my best skill: When I approach a problem or obstacle, I find the most efficient (and often unexpected) way to solve it. That's how I ended up rewriting parts for my irregular band ensembles, creating spreadsheets and checklists for other teachers to use, and composing seasonal programs for Bethesda Lutheran School.

I'm a problem solver. What problems do you need solved?



"You’re about to hear another love story, I can feel your inner cheers. And I’m thankful for them. It’s important for us to hear love stories wrapped in different experiences, struggles and triumphs because let’s face it, relationships can be hard and beautiful. Sarah Decker shares her love story with us today."

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