Don't let the tech hold you back.

I’m here to help you reclaim your time by managing your podcast so that you can return to your zone of genius and get your voice out into the world.

Podcast editing can be very time-consuming. The tech piece of getting a podcast listed, hosted, uploaded, and packaged can also be very overwhelming, which leads to wasted time, frustration, and burnout.

What if it was suddenly taken care of for you?

Your time is precious and so is your passion! You have a story to tell and you have a vision for your life and your business… but that vision doesn’t include learning the finer points of sound design or sitting at your editor for hours on end.

You are ready to scale your business, launch your course, put your lead funnel on auto pilot… but editing your podcast is slowing you down and the frustration is mounting.

The song you picked for your intro, which took you hours to find, isn’t quite right, but it’ll do… for now. Or will it?

All that time spent working outside of your zone of genius can drain and overwhelm you, leaving you with no energy to do the work you want – and need – to do.

Are you ready to outsource and grow your team?

Podcasting is a highly effective way to build brand recognition, provide value to your target audience to build your Know-Like-Trust relationships, network with other entrepreneurs, and market your own services and products.

You are reinforcing your credibility as a businessowner.

You are sharing your story as a way to help others while still attracting customers.

As your audience grows, so does your workload. You don't have to do it all yourself anymore!

I can help!

Any sort of organized sound is its own kind of music. Speaking is no different. The lilt, accent, cadence, and tone of a voice can tell the listener a million things about the speaker. Music can do the same thing! The right combination of sounds can set your listener at ease with your message and your brand and set the tone for your message.

I help entrepreneurs who are using podcasts in their marketing but are overwhelmed by the technical aspects of high quality sound and the time that editing takes. Low quality sound with background noise doesn’t attract many followers, no matter how wonderful your content is.


Your story needs to be heard! Make sure it sounds its best.

Inconsistent publishing erodes trust with your audience, but the editing is just so time consuming.

Imagine having those hours back. Imagine being able to just record your story and send it off, trusting that it would sound professional and AMAZING! As your audience grows, so does your pool of leads.

With my 12 years of digital audio experience, I can help you reclaim your time and return to your zone of genius by taking care of your podcast tech for you. With that time back, you can do more client work, spend more time with your family, or even record and publish podcast episodes more often!

I would love to learn more about your story and how I can help it sound spectacular.

Full Service Podcast Management Features

All you have to do is record – I’ll do the rest!

Prices will vary depending on your episode length and frequency.

Contact me for more information.

New to podcasting and don't know where to start?

Maybe you’re not ready to outsource yet because you haven’t started yet – I get it!

The overwhelm is real!

That’s why I’ve put together a free Podcast Launch Workbook, bringing together the best bits of advice I could find about launching your podcast – or even re-launching a new season. The process is the same either way. Glad to help!

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